Never Easy

March 28, 2012
By MARZHUNTERESS SILVER, Manteca, California
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Loving, caring, beautiful, special
Terrible, crushing, cruel, hate
Happiness, joy, friendship, gratefulness
Suffering, pain, heartache, anger
Blessing, understanding, giving, thoughtful
Sadness, sorrow, missing, grief
Laughing, excepting, forgiving, loyal
Stormy, hurricane, whirlwind, tornado
Serene, peaceful, warmth, truth

This is what true love is
Whether you’re apart or together
Never easy and never will be
For some it lasts forever
Others for a short time
All should enjoy it
Keeping it in the depths of your hearts forever
Thanking God for what you have or have had
Be thankful and grateful for love
Cherish it all your life
Never let it slip out of your grasp
Never take it for granted
For you may regret it if you do
For all I wish good luck
For it is not easy to come by if it’s true
True love is not to be trifled with
It is not a game
Not to be fooled with
And never will be easy

The author's comments:
I hope people will be able to understand love is not easy and not perfect or to be taken granted for...

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