March 28, 2012
There is no breath where I have gone;

Just a blind struggle to reach the surface.

Senses and numbed,

While emotions are heightened.

We all share the pain that darkness brings.

We all feel the weight of decision upon decision,

Piling upon our heaving chests.

We all know the burn that tears seem to carry:

They each leave untraceable scars.

Yet we all feel detached,

All curled around ourselves,

Thinking we know what loneliness means;

Pensively down on our knees in our huddled masses.

But an arm's length away is one who remembers;

Someone who knows,

Someone who understands our fears.

We are not so different

In this dark empty space.

So explain to me "ALONE", explain it to me:

When if one would stretch out a hand

They would find another, grasping for anything to hold.

They would find another soul, lost like their own

In the oblivion of our own making,

In the loneliness of our own making.

"ALONE" is our own making.

We are never "ALONE"

Until we choose to be.


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