March 28, 2012
By Anonymous

She was beautiful, she had strength, she was young & she had pride. This girl had dignity & confidence, not often did she cry. But this is only what others saw for no one knew her life. This girl was beautiful but dearly broken inside. There was a story to tell for every tear she shed, she was not afraid to speak & told the stories of all the scars that she had left. On others who betrayed her, hurt her or made her bleed. She spoke of those who were still around & those she could not see. She admitted she was crazy though others held her had & pled denies, she knew deep in her heart that there wasn’t much time. She wasn’t sure why, but she knew she had to run away, though she promised to face her fears up front so she decided to stay. “Bring it on!” she called, “wanna see what I can take? Well I’m standing right here, that’s all I godda say!” She pleaded from the top of her lungs, she begged for the worst. She was looking for the pain, she forced herself to hurt. Though she had many fears, she faced them with bold eyes. She played a tough heart & held her head high. She cleared her thought & shook the tears that welled up in her eyes. Beautiful took a breath & walked in a continuous straight line. She played a prayer in her mind & mumbled it under her breath. When she stopped & turned around to face her fear once again. “Though I am not perfect, I have yet to speak of what the world has done that has put me on my knees & may I refuse to say that I am sorry for your mistakes, I hold no grudges & fail no pity for your sake. Your eyes speak different words, your heart just beats a lie, your mind is not stable, you are as perfect as they & I. so if I may finish a simple sentence, or a speech that I may give, it is not often that I have looked at you with the thought to let you live.” And to the surprise of the child of whom she spoke to with such cruel words, she went on to say of all the reasons why she hurt. They were not excuses, she was mistaken & misunderstood. Beautiful was broken, but her evergreen was god. Her eyes were bold as sky, her heart was nearly dust. She lifted her head high to shake the tears of those she did not trust. She was guilty for disappointment, she had all of one could ever ask. Never had she thought it would ever get this bad. She had nowhere to turn, no energy to run. There was no other option; she was left to face what was yet to come. Her future was not bright, though she prayed for better days. In hopes of bringing back a dear friend & making sure he’d stay. Beautiful has lost much in life, she hadn’t had much left. But she did all that she set out to do. Beauty had no rest.

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