March 28, 2012
By Anonymous

As I drag back through the stream
in the gray ideas' blur
i must choose something to stand
in reality and endure
so i vessle onward flow
going through into the midst
nothing is for sure i know
still i voyage on with this
when the fire broke the sea
i saw wind push it aside
and a structure surfaced there
love, and stood against demise

looking 'round i see the ships
blissful eyes we move along
drowning souls and those immortal
carrying on, carrying on.

peaking down below
there are people in the wake
some are dark and others glow
i hope when i see faint
souls that needs a simple spark
all it takes to break in light
where we're going I dont know
but im knowing that its right

so i follow all the ships
we seem only to move on
waves are steady but for now
carry on, carry on.

boats of grey who follow light
steady shifting towards the shore
if we make it, try we might
when thought becomes a solid core
the thoughts have all insisted
and life has simplified
it points to one direction
we wait till after night
and prove what we develope
our answer bestly just
and all our dreams awakened
we pass into the dust

follow all the ships
times winds will push you strong
forward through the waters
carry on, carry on

The author's comments:
it all

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