Troubled Waters

April 5, 2012
Upset waters rage below
a vast, angry span of ocean
unpredictable, uncontrollable.
So different
from the immense wasteland of
dust, dirt, sun
that once was called home.
An unfathomable ocean releases
its anger
at the world,
against the rocks that make up the shoreline.
Safe above, watching
as the good Mother unleashed
every pent up emotion on those cold rocks.
Hours pass.
And there's a new scene.
Mountains reached toward the sky
grasped toward the sun
wishing warmth could grace their peaks.
Flecks of white swim in the air
while the angry Mother
continued to show her dissatisfaction.
Clouds roared angrily,
snow whirled with a purpose,
hail pounded in a passion.
Mother takes her final revenge
and our trip
Down, down, down.
Flashing sirens
screeching lights
as panic imbued the air.
Who will live?
And who won't?
Soon we will find out
as every light winked out.

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