Shooting Star

April 4, 2012
By staystrong498 GOLD, Winston Salem, North Carolina
staystrong498 GOLD, Winston Salem, North Carolina
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Shooting Star take me away,
miles from this place.
Back to where I belong.
I'm scared right now
all on my own

I need a friend, someone to love
He said he will be back
but he never did.
When I saw his face on a milk carton
I barely laughed, because he'll never be found

I saw you in a dream
on your throne
in your rightful place.
Your coffin,
pale and cold
that's how i saw you from the beginning
you show no love, no warmth
just hate

Your future seemed bright
just as mine
but you show no signs of future
i might warn you how deep this may become
maybe to deep for someone who might choke under it all

The author's comments:
One night i was staring outside my window. Really hoping that i could spot a shooting star so I can wish I could go back real home.

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