This Guy

April 4, 2012
So I met this guy
He sat by the tree
I came and said hi
Because he kept staring at me
He smiled, but didn’t say a word
And I had to go, so I said goodbye
I was playing at the park
So he just nod
I played and he left
He came the next day
And many times after that
I was staring to get creep out
Because he would stare from the dark
So I went to say hi
And he only smiled and nod
He didn’t say a word so I got mad
I asked, why you always staring at me?
And he just smiled back
I was about to say something harsh and flick him off
When a piece of paper was slide next to me, and I was shocked
The paper read;
I tried so many times to talk to you
But my voice won’t work
That’s the way I was born
I’m sorry if I creeped you out
I was just too ashamed to come forward
I’ve been watching you because I think you’re amazing
I know it sounds weird
Because we’ve never said a thing to each other
Except from the hi you always say to me
And the many times I wished
My voice worked to say it back
All I could do was smile and nod
I look at everything you did and said
So now I want to ask you
Do you want to be friends?
Or are you too scare and crept out?

And I looked at his face
His face was afraid
That I might not want to be his friend
So I smiled at him
And turn the paper around and wrote with big letters
HI, and gave it back
He just smiled and nod
And he stared to write what would be the rest of our lives.

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