Februray 13

April 2, 2012
By Anonymous

I was happy when you were here,
I was confident before you left.
I hardly saw you or talk to you
because the distance was what separated us.
Every time I would see you, my heart expanded one-hundred times more
than its size, to love you without limits.
Every word, laugh, story, smile was very valuable for me,
because I knew it wasn't going to last long.
February 13, was the day everything had to end.
Physically your not here, but your soul lies next to me
when i sleep.
Your advices and cheers get to me in my dreams.
I just simply know your here,
your soul, spirit, my angel.
Yes you became my angel, after February 13. I pray to god that he
keeps you in a safe place, where i can come
and look for you when its time for me to take
my course of the well being in heaven.
I remember that day in detail, like if it
happen yesterday. February 13 was
the day you passed away "papa"(grandpa). I love you.

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