Never Give Up

April 2, 2012
By NIKABABII BRONZE, Saint Albans, New York
NIKABABII BRONZE, Saint Albans, New York
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Look to the sky
Follow your dreams
Look for hope
When Life gets real
These are just words
Yet meant to be heard

To touch
To reminisce
To feel
To see
Trying to be the best you can be

I was told to find magic
When life gets tragic
I was told to love
Even the ones I hate
My life keeps moving forward
Because I'm looking for fate

To feel even when I'm hurt
I got to eat it all
Like it's a piece of desert

I was told pain
Can teach you a lesson
Not to mention
Destiny is true
It just works in crazy ways
But I keep my head up
Hoping that this would be the day

Looking for tomorrow
So you can forget yesterday's sorrows
But through it all I smile
But inside my mind is going wild

A voice
Told by letters
I was told by someone
Things will get better

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