Are You Blind?

April 2, 2012
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Do you see what
you're doing to me
Babe, do you know
how you make me
Don't you notice
when I blush
Don't you see
my smile when you
say hello
Do you attend to
the shine in my
eyes when you
hold my hand
Do you see what
you're doing to me
Honey, can you
tell what I'm thinking
You seem so oblivious
to my staring eyes
my lingering goodbyes
Don't you know that
you star in my dreams
Don't you realize the
impact you have on me
My heart skips a beat
when you walk uo
But my heart skips
two when you smile
at me

Why can't you see?
Isn't it apparent
how I feel about you?
Can't you see how
much I care about you?

Please? Won't you see
what you're doing to me?

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