Out of the Ordinary

April 4, 2012
By ladyknights24 GOLD, Brooklyn,NY, New York
ladyknights24 GOLD, Brooklyn,NY, New York
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How can I tell you something
after everything that has happened?
you went from a bright girl,
to a girl that’s gorgeous to you.
We used to pass notes,
which allowed us to know
almost everything about each other.
Then, some people thought there
was stuff going on and
you were the one to
put a stop to it.
You were always there
to make me feel better
because you knew how to
and you wanted to.
In return, I was to one
who gave you advice
for that girl you once liked
and now, don’t want to remember.
There was always drama
behind us, ahead of us, and
all around us. It wasn’t that
easy to dodge,
if I remember correctly.
Not long later, you got this
gorgeous girl (to you),
and people kept thinking
that something was going on,
and so that’s when I stopped
socializing with you.
I was alright.
You were alright.
And out of the ordinary,
you asked me something
I didn’t feel like answering,
but I did because you know
how to get answers out of me.

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