A Lifetime of Memories

April 1, 2012
Do you remember
that long awaited day in January
when you were in the hospital and I
came into your world? You held me
with the biggest smile on your face
and said you’d never let me go.
I looked at your face and I knew
that you’d love me forever.

Do you remember
when we would go up
to see Grandma and Grandpa
on the lake? You’d swim with me
and hold my hands and pull me around
as I kicked as hard as I could.
We’d laugh and play together
until the sun went down.

Do you remember
when you stood with me
at the bus stop for my first day
of Kindergarten? I waved to you
from the window with a grin
on my face until you were out of sight.
When I got home you had a snack
for me and listened to my school adventure.

Do you remember
when I came home one day
crying because the kids at the big school
were cruel and mean? You held me tight
wiped away my tears and said
you’d always be there for me.
We played games and talked all afternoon
until I’d forgotten everything.

Do you remember
when you watched me climb
into the limo with my boyfriend
for my prom night? You cried
with joy and said I was the prettiest
girl in the whole wide world.
I cried with you for a while then
drove away like a princess.

I know you will remember
the warm summer day in June
when you’ll watch me in my blue gown
walk onto the stage. With the scroll
in my hand, I’ll flash you a smile
and you’ll cheer for me through wet eyes.
You won’t want to let me go but please
know I will always be home in your heart.

I know you will remember
every moment you watched me grow
from my first steps to my first kiss
and everything in between. And although
I’m moving on to explore the world I know
I will never be alone because I still have you.
I know that no matter what happens
you’ll love me for who I am. Your daughter.

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LovelessWriter1090 said...
Apr. 4, 2012 at 1:15 pm
Aw. It's how I feel about my momma too!
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