Your not going to gain anything form this pain that im suffering

April 1, 2012
What do you think your gunna gain
by leaving me with all this pain
you never should've told me lies
now I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes
i trusted you
and look what you put me through
i thought you cared enough to show your face
now I'm left here with a huge empty space
regretting every moment that i should've seen
why would you ever want to do this to me
you sounded like you cared
but it would have been nice if you shared
you were there to stand me up
and look where i ended up
alone till it was dark and cold
standing there thinking about what i was told
didn't wanna believe it but here i lye
waiting for an apology not even gunna try
you couldn't think of a way to tell me
but put my hopes up and fill me with misery
i see how you can be
standing me up and just leaving me
but i cant wait to talk to you
and tell you what i had to go through
Ive been up,down,happy,sad
trying my hardest to see you so i had to be bad
i lied to my parents just to get me there
while i was confused , happy, nervous and scared
took a taxi to a public place
just so i could see your face
instead i stared at a freaking wall
wondering who would get me through this all
you go online just to say hi
never admitting to your own little lie
and what it did to me
why is that so hard to see
all you say is I'm sorry with no clue
what the hell you put me through
or what you did or what i did
i feel so stupid for acting like such a kid
i go home and cry as I'm going crazy
with my life gone by and my future gone hazy
I'm living life with a huge whole in my heart
something i hoped would never start
but i know that those few hours ill never get back
and ill just have to realize that and face the facts
cause life is life and that's all it will ever be
so from now on that how its gunna be between you and me

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acorn1993 said...
Apr. 4, 2012 at 6:24 pm
There were a bunch of spelling and grammatical errors that made this difficult to read. Also, I couldn't tell if the lack of punctuation was purposefully done, but I found that distracting at times. I do like the emotion behind the poem, though, I think it's very relatable and people can definitely understand where you're coming from with this.
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