Never Be

March 15, 2012
Never Be
When the sky fades to gray,
And even the gentle breeze takes my breathe away,
And every little thing has changed,
All is good,
No violence is needed,
Oh sweet fiction,
My fantasy,
You showed me how it could be,
Never Be
I promise I’ll never be like you,
Never Be,
Stupid and foolish, to believe
We could change.
Never Be
Never be like me?
Never have hope,
never conquer dreams?
Never Be
So foolish to believe,
In false fantasies.
Your hopes your dreams,
They taunt me,
Never Be
Filled with pain and sorrow down on your knees,
Hopeless to believe,
In the end you’ll want to be with me,
It doesn’t matter ,
How much blood splatters,
Stained across you heart,
As long as you don’t end up in the dark,
Never be
Always relentless,
Trying to make me believe,
All your hopes all you dreams,
What is it to me…..
Never Be
your words they kill me..

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