At Me

March 30, 2012
By Annette11 GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Annette11 GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Staring at me

twisting me this way and that
through the small window
I saw the rest of the world begging
"WHAT do you think you're

spinning me round and round
the detergent had a stench
the lint was building
faster than any running

soapy and wet I concluded with a weak

thank you
thank you for judging
thank you for despising my work
thank you for staring at me

only eyes as my mind attempted to find its way
out of the room
but all I could see was eyes, unforgiving, judging,
staring at me
everything was quiet except for my unsure voice
wavering in the silence
the sound waves became visible in the brisk dry

thank you for placing me second to last
because my short infant of a pun didn't meet the requirements of
SNL humor

watching the stage receive their awards
but only watching from behind the curtain
thrown from the lead role,
left to pull the curtain at the
end of the show

so you washed me out
put me in a cold, long cycle
of twisting and spinning

you couldn't even hang me out
in the warm spring sun
and the clouds cry

instead you threw me in
once again
and turned the knob to
"extra dry"

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