Mood in the Music

March 30, 2012
By cmalcolm DIAMOND, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
cmalcolm DIAMOND, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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Melodic with feeling
Harmonious with soul
Rhythmic in quality
Spiritual in meaning
Necessary, in life

Music is gratifying, and freeing
But it is so much more
Music has texture and definition
It can be seen, heard—and touched.
Music resides in my core

Music is independent
It moves with the intensity of a waterfall
And the silky smoothness of waves at day break
Nothing can stop it
It does what it wants
Its free and emotional
Music—is life-changing

Music evokes passion and beauty
The voice of a beautiful singer
The tingling rubato and vibrato
The tickling melodies
The tantalizing chords
The feel-good and make-you-smile music
This, is what I live for

Music imbues sorrow, or tribulation
The blue, and minor chords
The dead repetition
The soul-pouring lyricism
It transfers painful emotions
You can lose yourself in these powerful moments
Because Music will Always
Always guide you home

Music pays tribute to anger
And acknowledges rage
The cold rap lyrics,
To turn your page
The deep bass, strumming in my brain
The sound of anger
Is necessary for the refrain

You cannot love just one type of music
For music is all-knowing
And changing in emotion
No matter what the genre
Whatever motion this music may elude
Music is variant in style,
But infinitely diverse in mood

The author's comments:
This is about Music. The one thing in life that can bring me back to reality and deliver me to foreign lands all in a matter of second. The component that is essential to my survival. Music.

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