Reflection in My Mirror

March 29, 2012
By CarlyV BRONZE, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
CarlyV BRONZE, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
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I see my reflection when I look in my mirror.
You think I see just a beautiful face
A smile that stretches as far as the Nile
Or the eyes that are as precious as life itself

But what I see is pain.
When I look into my mirror I can see a girl
A girl scared to face her fears; A girl not ready to be a woman yet
This is my reflection

When I look at my face
I can still smell the scent of the boys bathroom
While I ran to see the vandalism smeared all over the walls
I look at my teeth and my tongue and I hear the cries
That I cried in a mangled shrill from the pain

As I look into my eyes;
I can feel the tear drops stream down my face
I can taste the salt when the tears run between my lips
I can hear me weep in the middle of the night
This is what I see in the mirror.

This is what the harassment did to me
Can you see the tears I’ve cried?
Can you hear my weeps and sobs?
Smell the boys bathroom?
Because now when you look at me
It will feel like looking into the mirror
You can feel my pain and
My hurt;
You can taste my tears
And hear my cries.

A victim;
That’s what I see in the mirror.

The author's comments:
I was bullied about my nose for two or more years. This piece was very hard to write, but we had to write a social issue poem in my english class. Bullying is a huge issue today and I felt like this needed to be addressed. Yes, this is very personal since it reflects back to me, but this gives the readers a chance to see how it feels to hear someone is in pain, and I can also relate to other kids as well. I am sixteen years old and survived bullying and depression. If I can, others can!

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