When You Left

March 29, 2012
If I don’t know what’s wrong
Then how do they?
If only I could figure out
Then maybe help they could
But my life is turned upside down
They don’t see what’s been done
I think it’s been this way
For quiet some time
But they never noticed
The pain inside

You kept my hurt at bay
And then you left me here
You said you would return
But also that you’ll leave again

I try to hide it
And it seems to work
But now I can’t
You’ve been gone too long
The mask is breaking
The life is sinking

When I fell headfirst
You lifted me up
When he hurt my heart
You did what only a best friend could
When he hurt your heart
I swore to tear his out

When you left I fell apart
When you hurt so did I
Now I pray for your safety
I pray you will soon return

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