Oh Sweet Mother

March 18, 2012
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Its been almost a year since my life has started over
I had let myself be born again since then
A phoenix awoken from corrupted ashes
My infant eyes taking in pure light

I learned how to walk and speak again
This new self welcomed my soul so easily
Who I was, and who I am, has always been this
My eyes had been closed shut for just too long

I came to you, proud of who I have become
Then I discovered you have turned to my enemy
Giving out poison which I once gladly took
You were supposed to be a forgiver!

I see your victim, I see what you're doing to him
Your breath not of life but of death, death
Your purpose to watch me give in
Temptation will never be the death of me

To this day you still look down upon me
In your eyes you still see the smoke around me
You still see liquor in my hands
To you I am still breaking into pieces

Oh Mother, how right you are
I am still breaking into pieces to this day
But it is because of you, oh sweet mother
To this day you still see me as a damnation.

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