Do we understand?

March 18, 2012
Does anyone truly understand our world? What is our world? Do you mean planet earth? If Earth is a planet, then what is a world? How can we tell if our knowledge is false? Knowledge, facts; It all just keeps on changing. In sixty years, our knowledge will tell us something else. So how can somebody believe in our knowledge, if we already know it will change. I will never understand. Never understand anything. Our world is only based on one’s knowledge, which is false based on the future. And so then you must ask; How does this world work?

Children are the smartest humankind on the face of the earth. Why? they ask. they wonder. They yearn for the knowledge to understand. Their minds have not yet been invaded by our false knowledge. They have the power, the will to ask why. As we grow older we stop wondering, stop asking why. And if the questions are not asked than the answers will not be given. But why, is the question. If you have the will power to ask why, then you don't know. They don't understand. But neither do we. And we think we understand. the word is belief. We believe that we know it all. But do we? We are all wrong. Children. Know. How. To. ask. Why? yes they know how to understand. There are two paths. The first path is storing and believing the false knowledge. But continue to ask why, and you will get your answer. The right answer. You will gain knowledge. Maybe it won’t be accurate. But it may be more accurate than an adults knowledge. If we never grow up, and keep asking why, keep the ability to ask why, you will keep going. keep searching for the right answer. That's my theory. I have no point to make. I am only the writer. I just write. writing my thoughts on paper, is what will be the key to my success. What is the key to yours?

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