Return to Me

March 12, 2012
By , Meridian, ID
I feel like I’ve only just met you,
But I’ve fallen for you fast;
And yet you’re ready to leave,
Our love just couldn’t last;

I wish that you could always be safe,
But you have something worth fighting for;
So go my strong soldier,
Follow your heart to war;

Fight hard for all the good people,
Especially the ones that you love best;
Because all of them would hate it,
If they had to lay you to rest;

My heart beats for you always,
And I’ll miss you when you’re gone;
But part of me is still proud of you,
And the courageous path you’re on;

You’ve chosen a tough life,
An unforgiving one too;
But I know you will survive,
For I have faith in you;

I’m just not a believer,
That’s what I always say;
But if it will bring you home to me,
Every day I’ll pray;

I’ll still dream of standing next to you,
In that long white dress;
So please my love return to me,
Without you I’m a mess;

I’ll hold your picture close to me,
Even when I’m not awake;
I’ll be thinking of you constantly,
For my love cannot be faked;

I know that if you didn’t go,
It’s something you’d always regret;
But you’re my knight in shining armor,
The Romeo to my Juliet;

So fight smart my brave soldier,
Be strong when you’re away;
Don’t forget me when you’re gone,
And return to me someday.

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