Thought While Walking Home From the Bus

March 21, 2012
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Walking down the sidewalk
Avoiding any talk
From the kids just off the bus
The middle schoolers disgust
Me 'cause they are too loud
Too proud
And too vowed
To our societies stereotypes
I stick my ear buds in to avoid the hype
To indulge in myself
Put my stresses on a shelf
And just walk down the sidewalk
Almost three on the clock
The sun on my face
Cars moving fast through this place
As I watch my feet
Keeping time to the beat
Of my music
I think I might just loose it
For I don’t want to be like this
In this life with a stereotypical abyss
Because running, exploring, engaging, experiencing is my true bliss
So indulging in the song
I dream of where I belong
The person I am today
And my plans on how I will stray
From the stereotypes and boundaries
And the fact that I found these
Footprints in the sidewalk
That stare with no eye but seem to mock
Me because they are too big for my feet
So I try to measure again, to cheat
Too long
Too strong
Simply too wrong
To belong to me
So I think “is this what I will grow to be?
Will my foot fit someday?
Or someway
I might grow into and become
This maiden or chum?
Or am I done growing
With my spirit already showing
And glowing
The light I’ve dreamed it would?”
If I knew I could
Leave this place
With the same cars, same sidewalk, same face
And make my own footprints
Ever changing, ever growing, colors and tints
To be found by another walking downs the sidewalk
Avoiding others’ talks
Dreaming of who they will become
As they step to the beat of their own drum.

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