Is it you?

March 21, 2012
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I can look high and low
And I still can;t find that one person
My person
My person that could trust with anything
Falling off with all my friends
Becoming a loner
Even if I am a loner, I need a person
A person who could be mine, and I could be their's
Not a boyfriend
Not a parent
Not a "friend"
I just need a person
A plain ole' person to be there
For me
Who cares?
Not I
Not I, who was there for everyone else
But forget that, it's in the past
But in the present,
I need a person
Is it that hard?
Do I need an ad in the newspaper?
A bumper sticker?
Tell me, I wanna know
How do you know if that's the right person?
Would I just know?
Is it in your eyes?
Can I feel it in your personality?
Is it how you walk?
Is it the way you talk?
Can I peep it in your soul?
Can I hear it in your heartbeat?
Can I feel it in the warmth of your embrace?
So tell me, are you that person?

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