All I want

March 23, 2012
I’m a simple chick.
I don’t need a prince in shining armor,
To ride up and whisk me away,
To some castle.
But I do need someone.

Someone who likes me for me.
That boy who will hold my hand,
As we walk down the halls.
And the one who makes me laugh,
When I can’t seem to find a silver lining.

That one boy who is my match.
The one that hugs me when I’m sad,
And laughs when I do something dumb.
That guy who I can spend endless hours,
Talking about anything under the sun,
And never run out of material.

That sporty one,
That teaches me football,
Because I can’t seem to learn it.
And the one who watches the Phillies
With me,
Even though I’m a crazy fan.

And I’ll be his match.
I’ll be the one to listen to him,
And laugh at his jokes.
The one who goes to his games,
Even though I still don’t get,
What the refs are saying.

I’ll be the one,
To do everything that he has,
On his list.
Because we are perfect for each other.
Now all that’s left to do,
Is find one another.

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