Imagine What You Can't See

March 28, 2012
By mymyselfandi BRONZE, Baltimore, Ohio
mymyselfandi BRONZE, Baltimore, Ohio
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The guns, the shooting, the fighting, the war.

A young soldier hugs his family as he waits by the door.

He knows he's ready, he knows he's right.

He stayed up packing and praying all through the night.

He's been training, but he's never been there,

he can only imagine and prepare.

His plane takes off, his heart beats fast,

he's leaving for war at last.

In his hand he holds a picture

of his mom, dad, brother and his sister.

He holds it tight and quietly wishes them farewell,

he closes his eyes as tears start to swell.

The plane lands in the hot heat,

quickly he gets ready to jump from his seat.

He runs screaming into the dark and stops,

what he sees makes his heart drop.

Famine, fear, diseases spread.

People lying in the streets dead.

Laying in the dark, staring at the moon's glare.

He can only picture a gruesome nightmare.

The author's comments:
This is for my cousin, who is in military academy.

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