Alice Eyes Closed

March 19, 2012
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Just as La Sien River glistens –

by light – of the Everbright moon

Her curiosity is Sparked

by the glow of the Diamond orb.

Reason’s found for Her

Mind to wander.

She may see – our Secret Things

with cautious, Guarded eyes

But her thoughts reside in Wonderland

among the hearts and spades.

Her tongue is held and tied with Knots–

Confidential yarns – keep the knots intact

Witnessed only – behind Eyes of those who choose–

To close them to Our World but not their own.

With eyes closed –the world of Many secrets stands

of Colors –

and of bread-and-butterflies.

Her world may Have its own secrets – Sole confidentialities

Far better than the Ones of our reality.

In her heart she knows, she Knows that where and what

she sees is far Different than that

of where her feet do Truly walk

and what her eyes do plainly See.

Her heart does skip in and Out of time –

as clock by Clock her Hatter shatters by cracking them to teacups.

Questions Bloom –

formed Behind the lips– that all do see.

on her tongue the Question festers–

just itching to be Free.

So many of Them – of painted roses

and of sly Purple cats.

The girl whose Innocence shines–

transparent Through our world

And iridescent through her lullaby.

Her questions die out just As the moon does–

Sun so bright it’s Unforeseen.

Lids fluttering open – dreams of far

Gone until the next Moonlight.

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