Stronger Than That

March 26, 2012
By Anonymous

Your parents are screaming at you
They say you're a screw up
You try to explain to them,
But they dont listen
You feel so alone and unimportant
You scream back and slam the door in their faces
In your room you cry and cry
You decide you need an escape
Its been a month since you did it
You've tried hard to stop
But you say you can't do it anymore
You want an adreniline rush
And you know how to get one
You pull out the razor from under your bed
You press it against your wrist
The angel is on your right shoulder
And the devil is on your left
One says yes and the other no
You're so overcome with guilt and misery
You debate it in your mind
You think of your loss
You think of your parents blaming you
You finally decide;
You push the razor harder
And slide it across your wrist
A thin red led appears
The words failure and weakness
Flow through your mind
The following month
And it's happening all over again
But this time you're stronger
You don't want the words
Failure and weakness entering your mind
But you stil find the razor
Then as you start to press down
You hear it...a whisper
It's not your fault; none of it
You aren't to worthless like they say
You lift the razor
You are stronger
You just won the battle

The author's comments:
My best friend was struggling with cutting for a long time! I had to help some way and this is how! She found some peace in my poem and hopefully you do too!

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