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Modified Perfection

March 26, 2012
By ChrisAMoore PLATINUM, Saint Augustine, Florida
ChrisAMoore PLATINUM, Saint Augustine, Florida
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Hey guys I have old work on this profile, but I stopped for about two years now. I got back into it now because I found that art and expression is me. So I hope you like the things I post from now on more lol

Its the imperfections in one that shapes them into the person that seems to fit right in the middle of your insecurities and sways. If it weren't for their personal triumphs, where would we all be at in relationships? For the very basis of love is through growth and perseverance, perfection is the same. It is not a flawless example of something, it is a mirrored image of model and growth. For one is perfect when he has met his own merit of impossibility. when one finds they have surpassed a bound which ties them to this world of imperfection, they have achieved modified perfection; perfection not defined by others, but one defined by the true victor. Perfection is the value in the struggles we take to overcome such feats, and how we come out on the other side, smiling back at difficulty; smirking once more, and lifting an eye to leave the gaze of defeat, into the proliferating world of overcoming and victorious self-perfection.

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A friend told me they weren't perfect, but after seeing everything they went through, I assured them they were.

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