March 26, 2012
By BeckyW SILVER, Dallas, Texas
BeckyW SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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My mind is straying,
And my thoughts are flowing.
Dreaming of what could be,
Silently loving you.

I’ll never speak up;
No one will understand.
Except maybe you,
But what if you reject?

I feel guilty for the one
Whom I still love.
Clueless of what’s
Happening in my head.

Anxiety creeps up,
When I consider telling.
My heart beats faster,
When our eyes meet.

You have no idea.
Or maybe you do.
You feel the same.

His arms keep me safe,
But yours open up
A whole new world;
One left unexplored.

Curiosity daunts me,
And I beg for more.
Unsure how I can love
Someone I barely know.

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