Paradise Highway

March 26, 2012
By Austin42 SILVER, Carlsbad, California
Austin42 SILVER, Carlsbad, California
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Favorite Quote:
"No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn."
-Jim Morrison

Tidal waves roll in from the ocean.
Sand on the beach my soothing lotion.
The sea is my only devotion.

Palm tree paradise greenery,
Cardiff homes along paradise road,
Solana Beach road of the sea,
Sunny winter drive to keep alive.

Libertine Rimbaud relieves my pain.
Surf’s up mmhmm in the rain.
I’ll see her again one day,
Until then my imagination’s where I’ll stay.

Can’t recall these last few days.
The memories don’t seem to stay.

New Year’s just another day,
Another time another life,
Life by the ocean full of waves.

Sun warms away my worries;
Clears my mind for the creativity.
Floating down this raging stream,
Rolling down my brook of dreams.
Novels and poems in a hose,
Their aromas in my nose.

Darkness to flowers to hours
To sours of laughs and joys,
Letters I imagine in a pyre.
Silence from you will destroy
My happiness,
My confidence.
How deep’s your heart?
Is it shallow or is it far?
I don’t know anymore….

The day as clean
As a dead seal’s hum.
The night as lean
As a little girl’s thumb.
Sail a drunken boat
Through a season in hell.
Fight leviathans to stay afloat.
A dream is not something to sell.

The sun’s delight on this tropical highway,
Barren cliffs and rocks,
Lazy drive to see where paradise stops,
On this afternoon of a sunny day
Beneath a slimy fishing dock
On which the beach’s palm trees sit atop.

Sniff the stench of fish in the gorgeous ocean.
Feel the waves’ soothing motion.
See the sunset’s liquid melting.
Hear the tide’s violent crashing.
Taste the salt water’s crazy beverage.
My songs seem to have no leverage.

Sunrise mmhmm mmhmm.
Lonely poet’s hymn,
Everything oh so dim.
Sunset mmhmm mmhmm.

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