Dream Hunt

March 26, 2012
By Bridieog BRONZE, Sandwich, New Hampshire
Bridieog BRONZE, Sandwich, New Hampshire
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Stalking through the silent woods

On a sunny day
Looking for something tasty to eat
The kitten knows his way

A little mouse creeps through the brush
Then skitters over a log
Not hearing the orange beast
Nearing at a slow paced jog

The kitten sees a small pink tail
Then crouches down and smiles
Little Mouse is sitting still
Hiding quietly all the while

Late at night Kitty comes home
Feeling very strong
Human wonders where he has been
For he has been gone long

Kitty leaps onto his bed
Twists 'round and gets all cozy
He finally closes his eyes
He is feeling really dozy

And later
Wakes up to find
That it was only a dream
And he is hungry.

The author's comments:
This poem is written about my cat Mr. Paws. I have caught him doing strange things in his sleep, like pawing at the air and making little noises. My only explanation for this strange behavior is that he must be having a dream hunt.

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