America's Pastime

March 26, 2012
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America’s Pastime.
The greatest sport known to man,
It is my love.
Playing ball with my friends,
And also with my dad.
On a beautiful summer day,
With the wind going through my hair.
As we laugh & joke
The ball is being thrown back and forth.
As we worm up for the game,
Catching Fly balls
Fielding ground balls
Hearing the ball SNAP!
In my glove
And the sound bat going CRACK!
Off the bat.
No one can resist the smell of fresh cut grass
Hamburgers on the grill at the concession stand,
Or the amazing aroma of fresh fries.

The game is about to start,
My nerves are getting the best of me.
As I walk up to the plate,
I have butterflies in my stomach.
I step into the box,
And get ready for the pitch.
The pitcher releases the ball,
My eyes lit up real big for a meatball right down the middle.
I sprint to first base,
As I watch the ball flying in the air.
It’s a homerun!
I can’t believe it.
As the ball went over the fence...
I experienced the greatest feeling ever!
It was like no other feeling.
As I round the bases it feels as the whole world is cheering for me!
When I touch home plate, my team goes crazy
I feel like I just won the World Series!
I head out to play the field,
With already 2 outs from strikeouts,
As I am crouched behind the plate
A runner tries to steal,
I received the ball & try to throw a bullet to second.
Perfect…HE”S OUT! The umpire yells.
Game over….
We win!!!
My love for the game of baseball,
Has just grown…
I don’t know what I would do without baseball.

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