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March 21, 2012
By , Palm Desert, CA
There existed a young girl named Jean Louise Finch,
In a county named Maycomb 'bout the size of an inch.
'Twas Jean that lived in Maycomb where they knew her as Scout,
And she had an intelligent head full of doubt.
Maycomb was lousy, in such terrible shape
With crimes all over town; robberies, death, and rape.
Scout and her father tried to help solve these cases,
Without realizing they were running through mazes.
Scout's pals were so racist, not to mention rude
While she tried hard as she could to keep a good attitude.
Forever and always she persevered,
But her mind always pushed her in puddles of fear.
She thought all about a perfect planet,
But the hatred on Earth filled her thoughts with granite.
Her dad Atticus loved his son Jem and Scout
But none of the two knew what love was about.
They hadn't experienced it at all,
And at times feeling abhorred caused them to bawl.
Into trouble, they got, for attempting to aid
Their folks in need, whose love began to fade.
They felt trapped; in their hearts they knew little of glory
Though extremely careless, folks have all heard their story.
Disregarding kindness, they knew well and heard
That it is a sin to kill a mockingbird.
They devoured hatred and disgust of all sorts,
And did not free the bird of its cramped, deceased fort.
With tolerance having been such a huge dream,
A majority boated on the opposite stream.
Kindness is love and love is life,
No matter one's day and its level of strife.
Make the best of each day; live to breathing's extent,
And 'tis promised that all will remain content.
Scout knew that Maycomb would be rid of all evil
The day Earth experienced a great upheaval
Of true altruism, and each vile weevil
Would apprehend all men are created equal.
Atticus defended a criminal in trial,
Since he was colored Atticus was in denial
That he was defending the "Devil of Maycomb"
And in homes of his folks he was no longer welcome.
For this, Scout and Jem were unfortunately teased
By their classmates who prayed on their hands and knees
That soon the "Devil of Maycomb" named Tom
Would be locked up in jail so all would be calm.
In the end, Jem and Scout both got what they wished for:
To live peacefully and be loved by Atticus more.
After the war between hatred and love,
Atticus at last put his children above.
The people of Maycomb acknowledged Scout's presence
And loved her for the kindness she'd give them as presents.
While treating each other how they'd like to be treated,
Kindness removed hate for they no longer competed.
Although we don't realize there has not been a change,
Since the beginning of time there has been a huge range
Between intolerance and affection; we've made a difference
Now look at our world and take part in the brilliance.
Always remember that kindness will guide you,
Help you, describe you, and improve you too.
It will be born with you, live beside you, and die with your soul,
And will lead you to your substantial goal.
The goal in all of us is a flawless universe,
In which benevolence will never allow our clock to reverse
To the abomination we once have all lived through
And our everlasting goal can begin with you.

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