My Heart of Love

March 26, 2012
By tweety47 SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
tweety47 SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
Love is like war
Easy to start
Hard to stop
impossible to forget!!!!!
- anonymous

My heart holds more love than they can see through their binds of jealousy.
My love fights to hold his place by my side. While my ex-love and friend keeps coming in and out of my life. They both compete and hate each other. Why can’t they get along? I love them both though I have a soft spot for one and a love that’s true and deep as the dark blue sea for the other. Though my friend and I share a love we are to the same for it to be more than what it ought to be. My baby though is different. No matter where I go your pain calls to mine, then I remember all we have and had. That you are and were mine. Baby we may lose each other one day, but I‘ll always find you. You may cry, but I‘ll kiss your tears away. Remember always that you are my love. No one else can compare to how sweet you are and how much you help me. We depend on each other, we always have. When you’re gone the kiss brings me back like drugs draw the user. You are my vice and my addiction and unlike the drugs out there you are healthy for me and help me. When I cry you hold me tight, when I’m mad you let me vent, when I’m sad you cry with me, when I can’t stand you hold me up and show your car. Baby you do so many things to help me that’s partly why I love you. You know you have no reason to be jealous when I only care that way for you. You are stronger than me and baby nobody fixes me like you can. No one will stop long enough to show that they care like you do. No one will just be there even when I yell and say I love you. No one can distract me from the hardships of life like you do, make me laugh, and play games with me. No one else can see through my lies of I’m fine. You are my pillar of strength. You make me forget all the bad things in life when I can’t on my own. You love me all the time and tell me I’m matter what I say. I am so happy when I see you and heart your voice. You made me see the lord’s undying grace when you said you loved me and wanted to be with me. You addict me with your soft kisses. Baby them other girls didn’t know what they had when they had you but baby I do. I love you. I love seeing your face and feeling your arms holding me tight to you. I feel so safe and strong. Your embrace is my fortress your love is my identity. Your eyes see right through my lies. Your voice is my joy. Your body and muscle is my pride. Your smart funny, caring, and strong. , and way more than I deserve. Babyboy your gods sweet gift of heaven here on earth. Your smile reminds me of the sun. Your heart is pure and priceless. You are my love, my joy, my pride, my strength, and more. Your what I need to see me through this like so baby don’t change a thing and know that I love you forever more

The author's comments:
i was thinking about my bf and my best friend.

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