Music Is My Therapy

March 25, 2012
Look at me, attempt me
See if you can understand
Try and figure me out
Seek the truth and demand
Demand that it works
Hope that i let it happen
Reach out to me
So i can reject you again

Foolish wretched imbecile
I speak to no one
For i refuse to reconcile
Never will my trust be won
I dont need your help
Music is all, everything ill ever accept
Your pleas are hopeless
My music is what i cannot reject

Every thought i come upon
Any doubt that is created
Music is what i count on
And i'm never disappointed
The lyrics, they read me
My silence is embraced and amplified
Guitars and drums become my heartbeat
With music, i dont ever have to hide

Not one tear nor sniffle
A head thrust to the wall
No episode that is never simple
For it is always music that i call
As my pain is examined
My emotions are withdrawn
It seems music is determined
To confirm that the negativity is gone
And so it is only my music
that i entrust my life
Every day that it is with me
Is another day i am alive.

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