Love Heals All Wounds

March 21, 2012
By Anonymous

I used to turn to pain for comfort
When I was hurting inside
My heart felt like it no longer beat
Like everything within me had died

I never thought I would be better
I thought I would end up dead
Now instead of thoughts of hurt
Thoughts of you fill my head

You hold me close when I'm alone
And wipe away the tears I cry
I used to sit in darkened rooms
And wait as the days go slowly by

Now you and I walk hand in hand
When we wander through the night
You helped me win a losing battle
Without even facing the fight

You've given me a sun
To brighten my once dark days
You've helped me to quit my addictions
And show me the right way

My scars are slowly fading
Still I know my past was real
But now I know what I really needed
Was love to help me heal

The author's comments:
How love can lift someone out of depression-

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