You Belong With Me

March 25, 2012
I don’t know what it is
but something has changed in me
whenever I’m with you.
Best friends is the official label
but something about that little name
doesn’t seem to match the emotion beneath.
This isn’t right; I need to walk away and be strong.

I think there is something wrong
with me because I feel all weird inside
whenever I’m with you.
We’ve known each other for forever
but even every memory that we have shared
couldn’t possibly match the warmth I’m feeling.
This isn’t right; I need to toughen up, and be a man.

You know everything about me,
from my smile to my deepest secret and
right down to the heart.
You’re the only one I don’t hesitate
to call when I’m breaking down and crying
as you’re my only friend that truly gets me.
This is something more; you make me feel so special.

It doesn’t make any sense to me
how you do what you do and get me
right down to the heart.
I could sit there with you and talk for hours
about nothing or everything, or even private problems
because I feel so relaxed just being in your presence.
This is something more; you make me feel so important.

I gaze across the dark room -Is he walking over here? Oh no
fix your hair, stand straight-no don’t, just relax, don’t look nervous.
I look up in his bright blue eyes and the first thing that crosses my mind
is he feeling the same way?

My eyes float across the dark room- Ok, just do it you wimp, ask her
to dance. One foot at a time-come on what are you scared of? A girl?
Gazing down, her deep brown eyes makes my stomach churn-
Is she feeling the same way?

I can’t breathe, my heart has stopped- I’m dying oh my god -what is happening to me?

“Um-I wanted to ask if … I mean do you want to….” Stop stumbling you dweeb! Man up!


You share a smile with me, and I follow you, spinning slowly in circles
unaware of anything or anything or anyone around. Our eyes lock, my heart melts
and time stops. You lean in gently and the moment I never thought would happen
did. I feel so warm in your arms and I never want you to let me go.
My fantasy has come true; Thank you for being you.

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