Learn to See

March 25, 2012
Where darkness is, there can be light,
Because of night, there is a reason to fight,
Where evil rages, good can prevail,
Because of evil, good has purpose to avail,
When the night is strong, and all around,
Keep on shining, and soon you’ll be found,
When evil is present, everywhere you go,
Keep heart, there are others who know,
As plight grows, envelops your world,
There is hope, let it be unfurled,
As losses mount, lay siege to your soul,
There is peace, within every empty hole,
For all the darkness that comes unbidden,
The light is there, something hidden,
For every evil that has come to be,
The good is there, you just need to see,
If you keep heart, keep on shining,
You’ll learn to see the silver lining,
If you look, you’ll slowly find the light,
Open your eyes, give yourself sight.

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