Pretty Little Beth

March 24, 2012
By Darkecho15 SILVER, McCurtain, Oklahoma
Darkecho15 SILVER, McCurtain, Oklahoma
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I am who I am. No amount of makeup can change that.

Pretty little beth;
all alone in her rocker

pretty little bows dangling;
shiny new toys to play with

Her pretty room adorned with garnish
roses and lilacs

Pretty little beth;

He watches and he waits till
pretty little beth sleeps

The secret touches in the night;
the silent screams of protest

Pretty little beth crying
pretty little beth raped

Beth is not pretty any longer

Beth is foul and dirtied
soiled and broken

Pretty little beth is special

Special to him as he strokes her hair
special for him as he promises her everything

Dark and twisted
soiled and foul

Pretty little beth lay broken in an alley

Pretty no longer

just dirty and foul


The author's comments:
i have nothing to say on the matter

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