Heart split in two

March 24, 2012
By Darkecho15 SILVER, McCurtain, Oklahoma
Darkecho15 SILVER, McCurtain, Oklahoma
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There was this girl once

And her heart, it split in two

She sat looking at her hands

Not knowing what to do

She appraoched every man

And asked if they could fix it

They shook their heads "No"

And walked off in the distance

The more time that passed

The more impossible in seemed

She tried fixing it herself

But it bled through the seams

So the girl said she gave up

And lost all hope in humanity

Cause the most beautiful thing

Seemed to end so tragically

She wandered the world

Without purpose and direction

For the world seemed so cold

Without the warmth of affection

Though as time slipped by

The pain started to cease

And when she looked down

Her heart was one piece

It was then she realized

Her heart just needs time

And if enough of it passes

Then she'll end up fine

So when things get tough

Remember to just wait

Cause when it comes to love
Then it's never too late

So when the man in black approached her;

his ebony locks swaying in the wind

She welcomed him with a warm hug

and that was the end

The author's comments:
An ever changing heart

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