Ambitious Kid

March 15, 2012
I got issues with anger, that people say my parents should control.
But my moms is in a hospital bed , and my father a stranger.
One of them base heads.
So i try to control it myself, never been alone in the world but i tend to ignore everyone else.
Its not like i try ti it just happens, please don't take it wrong . Its a habit. Like a disease its one of those things you can't change once you have it.
Friend from way back when want to know when i changed, i can only answer with when those men i called friends became snakes in the grass, unsheathed that dagger, and stabbed me in the back.
Now i let nobody get close , because the close ones will mess you up more than those you'll probably never know. Learned this chizz fast because i can't afford to pick it up slow, dudes be fake, females be fake, i don't see a difference.
I write like this with crazy superstar like persistence.
I have to, i saw my mom raise me, now that was a struggle, because i grew up faster than a play with no huddle.
They showed me pity like i didn't know my situation, but i did, so i worked hard for my fam, study hard, and pass every class,so i can grow up to be a real man.
Before i was five my path was selected, too smart all my life, so socially I've been rejected .
Until they figured out i could help them get that passing grade, that's why they wanted to be my friend until around the tenth grade. Called them out when i realized i was getting played.
First time i spoke up, they tried to silence me, told them phonies to be gone, there was no denying me.
wrote my first poem, had no idea i was so gifted for words,things then became a blur.
Recorded myself then played it, everything after then on out just seemed so jaded.

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