For Once

March 14, 2012
By Anonymous

I watched you take your first steps
across our kitchen floor.
You smiled with a giggle
I’d never heard before.
You scared yourself a little,
and shed a single tear
In no time, I’d picked you up
and whispered “I’m still here.”

Then training wheels and diapers
were small things of the past
and monsters in your closet
had also come to pass.
But my fears only strengthened,
my girl was growing fast.
‘Til one day you said to me,
“I’ll always love you, Dad.”

And soon you entered high school
a few years down the road,
your smile and your eyes said
how much you’d really grown.
And then he came and found you
to make your dear heart moan.
You cried your pretty eyes out,
“Hon, you’re still not alone.”

So now that you’re in college,
it’s time I faced my fears;
my baby girl has grown up,
it’s my turn for the tears.
I’m looking back at our times;
yeah, we made quite a pair,
but now for once I your life,
I won’t be there.

The author's comments:
The ending line is a quote from Ducky in the movie "Pretty In Pink." The overall message isn't from the movie, but this quote launched the making of this poem.

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