February 29, 2012
By Anonymous

Have you forgotten me that easily
Do you not care I exist
Was it all worth it,
To leave me
To push me aside
And ignore me

Tell me,
When you said you loved me
Did you mean it
When you asked for my forgiveness
Did you want it
Whenever you hugged me
A connection, did you feel it
When you’d kissed my forehead,
Did it ever mean anything to you
Or did you care too little for any of that

Did you think it would be alright
If you just left
Did you think I would forget this
That I would move on and never look back
That I would never need you by my side
That I didn’t want you in my life

Have you thought about me
Have you thought about us
Have you ever considered that things
Weren’t just about you
Have you spent time thinking that because of you
You lost me

That because of you I suffered
That you let me down
That I grew up without a father
A father to love
A father to love me
For the child that I was
And now,
For the young lady I’ve become

The author's comments:
I wrote this grieving on the memory of an absent father. One who without a hesitation left it all. He left a family and a past to go in search of a different life and a different future. All without knowing what impact this would have on a little girl whose innocence would require the attention of her dad; the one that left her side.

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