A Misfit Who Was

February 29, 2012
By adorkable11 SILVER, Rivervale, New Jersey
adorkable11 SILVER, Rivervale, New Jersey
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A misfit who was
Thrown together in the dark
Desperate fingers forever searching
To feel like they belong
A separate peace
An odd and unnatural world thrust upon them
Thoughts sealed tight in steel bubbles
Floating above brightly lit cities at night time
Searching for the sun, a streak of burning light
That acts as a guide though the darkness and uncertainty
The uncertainty that binds you
Knots your hands and feet in wet towels
Ties that cut your flesh and sting your soul
Which seeps from you into the air
The misfit, whose soul has been knotted by society
Their souls hang lifelessly above them, like red balloons
Losing their air and sinking to the ground
Like boots in mud, dirty shoes stuck so close to the earth
Wishing they could be lifted and cleaned by the fresh air
Cleansed by the tears falling from the sky
The tears that act as millions of tiny mirrors
Reflecting light from the world around them
Light that tramples over the darkness
The darkness which has bound the misfit

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