The First Time

February 29, 2012
By , Walpole, MA
Did you hear me?
I finally did it.

Twenty minutes in,
Determination in my head,
Breath making waves,
And I tried.

Holding composure,
Leaning over again,
Toothbrush changing roles,
My new tool.

It hurts me,
Sides seizing,
Stomach lurches,
Will it hold on or let go,
To me it remains undone.

The lingering cough returns,
Holding hands with hope,
I push it far; too far,
And I’ve done it.

Did you hear the cough,
Or the liquid splatter,
The noise it made,
As it hit the sink.

The smallest amount,
Almost not counted,
But to me,
It is sweet victory.

Never before,
This is new,
Changing my life,
Changing me,
Now that I can.

Next time it’ll be more,
I hold faith in that,
And so I ask,
Did you hear me?
I finally did it.

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