Bitter Infection

February 29, 2012
By alliys SILVER, Hebron, Maine
alliys SILVER, Hebron, Maine
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You’re so quick to smile,
laugh, cover it up,
pretend the bitterness isn’t in there,
pretend this sugar is enough.

But the acid eats away at you
and your side glances massacre
any being in their path
and you’re so full of hate
and jealousy, and sick mirth,
every second is torture
to pretend you’re kind
and hide your disgust
and put everything behind.

But even you don’t know,
its more complex than that.
The acrimony that destroys you
is just a strong sense of sad.
Pain that you refuse to take,
to swallow, with your pride,
so it shines in your eyes-
a razor sharp glint.

Sometimes, it disappears
and truth comes back to life-
the happy child you used to be
and the innocent inside.

But the memory takes its own victims-
knowledge of what will never be again
and you sink into misery
and you radiate your ache.

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