Don't say you love me

March 22, 2012
Don't say you love me

I’m sweet and innocent before you say that four letter word

Once it crosses your lips, you better run

I’ll lead you on then ignore you for days

I’ll laugh you off, ditch you for friends, not see you on holidays

You say you’re in love, will fight to be with me. Not believing someone could be this cold

I burn you, freeze you out, hit you with evil words you’re always there when the smoke clears

Love has blinded you I wish I could shake you from you dream that will turn to a nightmare when you’re not ready

You finally break. you threaten to take your life. I don’t try to stop you

You still apologize the next day for getting mad. I just laugh and walk away. You still chase me

I finally break your chains only to fall back under someone else

why didn’t you warn them about me?

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