Here I Am

March 20, 2012
By DreamDisorder BRONZE, Sylmar, California
DreamDisorder BRONZE, Sylmar, California
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Here I am
Watching the clouds that are
Ticking away my time
Moving still
And unraveling my mind.
Watching the voices
Swim around with ease
Thinking of your words
Asking me to stay, please
Feeling the wind
And dreaming the day away
Knowing not a day passed
Without something I didn’t say
But I stick to my ways
I know who I am inside
I'm no prisoner to any eyes
I stand out
Just to stick in
Stay in line
Without out wearing thin
But the eyes of the beholder
Can never see inside
Never see everything we hide
How far I venture
Or how much I long to be set free
I'm stuck a fish out of water
But I'm drowning in mid air
Nostalgic of the days
When I was around three
And nothing troubled me
There were more than fun and games
But also a pretty face
But everything around me now
Is dying away
Beauty is an assassin
But I miss the lavender fields
The dreams I want to yield
That’s what I'm looking for
That’s my key
To break from this cold world
That incarcerates me
I'm walking alone
On a path I don’t know
Inside I'm still innocent
There’s a child at heart inside me
I look up to my mom
Every day, she amazes me
But she’s kicked me out
And left me alone to fight the cold
A storm’s coming soon,
And we both know.
I don’t know where I am
I don’t know where I'm headed
but I know where I need to be.
I refuse to face the world
I dread it
To know there’s a monster
Fighting inside of me
And I want nothing more
Than to be set free

The author's comments:
I base a lot of my writing on the world inside my head[:

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