A SIngle Rose

March 20, 2012
By Searchingheart PLATINUM, Farminton, Arkansas
Searchingheart PLATINUM, Farminton, Arkansas
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Love is a theory that will cause you great pain, until you find a heart that wants the same as yours, then the theory turns into a dream and a dream becomes reality.

A single rose,
Lay upon the ground.
Nothing but the rain,
makes a sound.
The sky it aches for you,
To lay beneath it once again.
The wind crys out for you,
It misses the feeling of your pure white skin.
The sun looks for you,
For your golden hair to absorb its dancing rays.
The grass weeps for you,
To dream upon it as you once did.
I mourn for you,
Wishing to hold you tightly again.
The cold hard ground,
Now holds you in its arms.
A granite stone,
Your name carved upon it.
It now reads the date,
That a new angel was raised.
A single rose,
Lay upon the ground.
The whole Earth mourning,
For only it and I,
Knew an angels name.

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