Black Jacket

March 19, 2012
By Katie Brown BRONZE, Chalfont, Pennsylvania
Katie Brown BRONZE, Chalfont, Pennsylvania
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A sleek, dark leather jacket
Sprawls itself across the lap of a grieving girl.
It feels cold, slick and damp
From the unyielding stream of tears
Rolling down her mascara stained cheeks.
Clenched between her hands,
Being squeezed tighter with every word
Becoming her outlet for her sorrow,
The jacket is suffocating within her grip.
The unforgiving leather surface,
Shatters each fragile tear drop
That symbolizes a memory, a laugh
That they shared together.

With a change of scenery,
The jacket now offers a haven from the cold,
As her feet carry her along the never ending road,
To the final resting place of her loved one.
Her gaze now fixed on the cold carved stone,
That will never fully be able to summarize the memories.
The jackets many zippers now glisten with the sunlight,
Tears slowly drying, while the wind causes a chill
Her body fills with sorrow and remembrance,
Unable to control the feelings spilling out of her.
The jacket covers the shoulders of a grieving girl,
Too young to have lost, but not to have loved.

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